If you watch The Blaze TV, or are a fan of Glenn Beck, you have seen S.E. Cupp for a long time.  She is a well thought-out conservative commentator, who has her own show on one of the liberal networks this writer won't mention by name.  In the clip below, she takes to task the very reason for Michael Bloomberg's two outfits who make their daily lives all about disarming you and me.  This is simple, to the point, and is typical of Second Amendment supporters-smarter than the average liberal gun-grabber, and always on point. 


The simple way to put it, Bloomberg and company are absolutely not interested in safe gun possession and/or use.  They are all in on total gun confiscation.  They don't want any law abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves against criminals, tyrants, or any other danger.  This is more of the same from the statist gun grabbers who would serve you and me up to the globalist agenda, the UN Small Arms Treaty, and gun registration, followed by total confiscation here in America.


We just wanted to share the simple, concise and spot on statement by a very intelligent woman, who knows guns, the law, and the intent behind the "gun safety" folks in Bloomberg's stable.  They are nothing more than covert gun-grabbers.  S.E. Cupp is our hero of the week!