Below, read an example of coulda, shoulda, woulda, where concealed carry is concerned.  Picture yourself in a high crime area, at a liquor store-where most of your business is done in cash.  Suddenly a knife weilding whack job who's looking for some easy money to score some meth has a giant blade in your face, but you left your 9 in the back office desk drawer. 

What do you do?  You don't want to get stabbed, so you run back to the office to get the gun, but the crack head is jonesing hard, and follows you back there, thinking you are going where the money is.  You turn around after chambering a round and there's the moron with the blade in your face.  Before you can squeeze off a round, he's on you and you fight for the gun and the knife.  All the while, he's cutting your hands while you both struggle for both items.

If I am this guy, working the counter in a cash business on skid row, I am packing not one 9 but my high capacity 9 and a high capacity Bersa Thunder .380+ with a 15 round mag onboard.  This way, if the primary jams, I am backed up with 15 slower 9 rounds in the .380 and I am going home to my wife and kids every night. 

I am sure this guy won't leave the gun in the office drawer any longer, and I'm equally sure that the bad guys, if they come back are bringing different hardware to effect the armed robbery.  This was either a case of the guy not thinking he needed to have the gun on him, or a case of him forgetting, but either way, it won't happen in the future.  Bad guys have short memories, and when they need dough to buy some rock-they are going to rob the spot that they think has the most cash.  Banks are out-too much security and its a federal beef.  So, off they go to the liquor store in the hood.  Folks there are generally not using a debit or credit card-but benjamins, and lets face it, on skid row, people do a lot of drinking....I would if I were that down on my luck!

To sum it all up-if you have a gun and a license, carry the gun.  It's your right, and frankly it's your duty!   Someone else may need your help, or you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time when brain surgeon with a crack habit decides to do an armed heist.  If you don't have a gun, and you don't have a CCW, then get trained, get protected, and do your part as a citizen of this country.  The Second Amendment is not just a right, it is a duty.  Exercise your right, do your duty-please-and make it home every night to your family!