If you have never listened to Bill Whittle, you are missing out.  Consider this my gift to you-Bill in all his glory, explaining your rights, the rubbish that the Mike Bloombergs and Dianne Feinsteins of the world spew, and the truth behind why politicians want yours and my guns. 


This gun control debate is bunk.  The Second Amendment exists so that we are free of politicians' evil desires to control our every action, food, belongings, and earnings-to protect us from tyranny.  They want the guns from you so that they can run roughshod over the rest of yours and my civil rights.  This is a simple argument, is the truth, and no one has stated it quite so eloquently as Bill Whittle does in this video. 

Here, Whittle posing as an imaginary POTUS, one whom I wish was our President, says it like a true believer in The Bill of Rights would say it, if in fact we had any politicians who believe in that document which has stood the test of time, and is based on the 600 or so year old Magna Carta.  This is something you should show everyone you meet, everyone you love, and everyone who wants gun control.  If gun control takes hold, all the rest of your rights will go away with it!