Connecticut news outlets are reporting the first arrest and confiscation of high capacity magazines.   The case is not just storm troopers breaking down someone's door.  So let’s first discuss the stupidity of this gun owner, and his actions, and then we'll discuss the ramifications of his actions, and how this will affect our fight as citizens, to maintain our 2A rights!


First off, it appears that this guy was unlawfully discharging his rifle in the front yard, frightening his neighbors and offing a squirrel for dinner.  Only problem, he did it within city limits, and evidently wasn't shooting squirrels for dinner.  It really angers this author, when morons do things like this, in a careless and dangerous manner.  When someone makes decisions like this, without considering the consequences that others will face because of their actions.

The worst consequence is missing a small target with a rifle round and killing a kid down the street, a half mile away.  Thank god that wasn't the outcome in this story.  This kind of thing happens.  The laws of gravity are at play when you fire a gun upwards-the bullet, if it misses its mark, will come down a long ways away, with potentially deadly consequence.  This happens in Chicago a few times a month, when a drive by goes wrong.  Improper discharge is the cause of 10% or more of the shooting deaths in the inner city-where a site picture is non-existent, due to no training and an illegally bought gun-but I digress.  This guy in Connecticut is old enough (in his 60's) to know better-and having a bunch of guns in the house, obviously wasn't a beginner.  This event should not have happened!


The additional consequences of his actions affect the masses of responsible gun owners across the country, and especially in Connecticut.  By showing the police that there are irresponsible gun owners in their state, this guy just made it front and center of the police departments' across Connecticut to ramp up the planned confiscation of all weapons that gun owners there have heretofore refused to "register".  And therein lies the rub of the whole incident.


Too many gun owners have become lazy with their firearms and are making it difficult for those of us who take gun safety and gun ownership seriously.  These people who think that their careless actions don't affect anyone are fooling themselves and are ruining our ability to exercise our god given rights to defend ourselves against bad guys and more importantly against tyranny.  While the thought of cops coming into my home and confiscating forcibly, firearms I legally purchased, possess legally, and store/operate safely and without incident for the last 46 years is a repugnant thought. 
As we are faced with a tighter and tighter noose around our Second Amendment rights, its idiots like this guy, who make it more of a chore to own firearms. 

It is in this light, I submit to all our readers, and all gun owners in America: go take a refresher course in firearms use.  Retake the basic NRA classes for handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  Take some self defense classes, defense in the home, in low light, etc.  While you are doing this, you will be met with the realization that there are aspects of firearms handling that you have forgotten, or just stopped exercising, due to your daily CCW, or your hunting practice, or just because you don't think often about firearms use.  This is really a key aspect of our gun culture in America.  The bad guys have guns-that is a fact of life.  There are people willing to put guns in the hands of felons, of family members who they know aren't all together there mentally, and there are idiots who store guns loaded, within the reach of untrained adults, and of children who don't know any better.  So, those folks will always have a negative impact on you and me-the responsible ones. 

But it is the once responsible ones, who make mistakes like this man in Connecticut who can and will touch off a veritable civil war, by giving the authorities a reason to treat us all like we are not responsible gun owners, no matter our practices of safety and security with our firearms.  This episode in Connecticut burns me up, and it should burn you up too.  We all have friends who are gun owners, ask them if they are up-to-date on training.  Ask them if they think it’s been too long since they sat for an NRA class.  Go to a class with them, with your teenage kids, with your spouse; just get people thinking about it.  You won't regret it.  You can make a difference.  You can probably save a life, or at the very least, save a buddy from shooting himself in the hip, by encouraging him to take a CCW class, whether he needs it or not. 


I've been around firearms my whole life, as I am sure many of you have.  It is part of our culture in America.  I am glad it is part of our culture.  I think it is the only thing that has kept the tyranny of an overreaching, oppressive government from becoming prevalent in the US.  I can't help but think it only takes a few morons with guns shooting squirrels across from a school, who are legal gun owners, to destroy the country's view on the Second Amendment right now. 


The gun-grabbers are not going to stop highlighting incidents like this.  They are not going to stop inferring that you and I are like these idiots who don't follow the rules.  And while I am whole heartedly against gun control, and I would have moved from Connecticut rather than abide by their fascist gun control laws, I do have to say the cops did the right thing when they searched this moron's house.  And frankly, I hope they throw the book at him for discharging his rifle in an area where he could have killed someone's child.  It is up to us to practice safe firearms handling, storage, and discharge, or the gun-grabbers will continue to take more of our god given rights from us.  And as I've said in the past, when the Second Amendment goes, so goes the First.  Just ask the British veteran who went to jail for six months for burning a Koran.  That never would have happened a decade ago, when the citizens of Great Britain were armed!  Tyranny follows the disarmament of citizens.


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