Miami Security Guard Saves The Day

When deranged Hector Hechavarria entered Presidente Supermarket in the "Little Havana" section of Miami on Wednesday night, he was either high, drunk, or had a screw loose, as he entered the supermarket with a sword, with the intent of hurting someone, anyone. 

That's when 47 year old security guard Jose Antonio Mendoza and his training, sprung into action to save the day.  It only took seconds for Hechavarria to cut patron Ninoska Aranglubel's elbow, but quick on his feet security guard Mendoza took the only action he could, to ensure that Hechavarria wouldn't hurt someone else, or kill them with the sword he was waving around.

It all ended as quickly as it started with Mendoza firing warning shots, taking a beating to avoid having to shoot the guy, and then finally, shooting the perpetrator.  He was obviously on some very strong mind altering substances, as even after being shot, Mendoza and a bystander had to forcibly hold Hechavarria down until the police arrived.

I give you reasons every day to get trained, and get armed.  There isn't a better one than a situation like this, that could have been far different, and had many casualties, were a trained person with a firearm not present to end the attack.