The Boston Globe is reporting, a Fall River, MA teen is being charged with felony murder after an armed robbery they planned and "executed" went terribly awry and the intended victim was a CCW carrying citizen who chose to not be a victim.  

These two bone-heads, Jahleel Sanders Williams, 17 and Amoy Blake, 18 decided to rob a 20 year old man from the area, with Blake placing a gun to the head of the victim.  The victim, having a licensed firearm immediately drew down on the two, killing Blake, and causing moron number two, Williams to flee for his life.


The victim then called the meat wagon for Blake who was taken to a local hospital and later died of his gunshot wound.   The shooter, having had a licensed firearm and acting in self defense, was not charged.  Williams the 17 year old armed bandit who fled and left his cohort to die, is being charged with murder, as Blakes death occurred during the commission of a violent felony. 

Moral of the story-if you are a bad guy this day in age and you are going to do hold-ups, you may want to rob other bad guys.  At least if you do that, you will know there is going to be a gunfight.  By robbing potentially armed citizens, its more likely there will be a shooting, and you are going to be the "victim", and if you do make it out alive, will be going to prison for all day long.


While we are never happy to hear of someone being killed, even if they are a thug, we are very glad for the real victim in this case-the 20 year old man minding his own business.  When the good guys win, its a win for society, as each time another bad guy gets his comeuppance from a CCW holder, the rest of them begin to think twice about the perils of robbing folks on the streets.  Good guys 1, bad guys 0.