We learned today from our friend Dan Cannon at Gunssavelives.net about Todd  Kauranen, Deasign Director at Slide Fire, paid Shannon Watts a little visit last week.  While attending the NRAA in Indianapolis, IN, he took time out of his schedule to head over and thank fascist founder of "Moms Demand Action" in person.  Of course, he didn't tell her who he was, and asked her for the picture.  This is when it got really interesting!


You see, Watts not only wants to steal your Second Amendment rights, but she also has designs to squelch yours, mine, and Slide Fire's First Amendment rights.  If you thought your 1A rights were sound as long as you kept your 2A rights, consider the fact that the LA Clippers owner has been banned from the NBA for life for making bigoted remarks inside his own home as of yesterday.  And then there's Ms. Watts' organization.  They made expensive efforts to force Slide Fire to take down their "Pure American" billboard.


Yes, you heard that right.  She attempted to remove their First Amendment rights completely.  Of course, for now she failed.  But, if the 2A goes away, you can bet your bottom dollar the First is not far behind.  This is what their goal is.  They want fascism.  They want anyone who doesn't agree with them to be silenced.  They also want you to be unarmed.  The ignorant process of blaming guns for murder is in line with their thought process on shutting up those who disagree with them.  Because, if there is an intelligent conversation about firearms, the public will side with the 2A proponents.  Its not the guns.  In fact, its never the guns.  Guns can't fire themselves. 


These fascists think that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will lower the murder rate.  But, if you look at the United Kingdom, or any other country who have disarmed their citizens, the murder rate isn't down.  The criminals still have their guns, so there are still murders with guns.  Furthermore, the murder rate with large kitchen knives has gone up so high in the UK, some MP's have actually suggested outlawing large kitchen knives!  They have!  Its a joke.  The mindset of the gun grabbers is the same as those who spat on Vietnam vets coming home, calling them "baby killers", who at the same time, and still to this day lobby hard for late term abortion.  Don't try to make sense of them-it is impossible.


So, our second hero of the week is Todd Kauranen.  he took the fight to Shannon Watts, conned her into a photo, and then thanked her for the priceless free PR she gave him when she went after his company's billboard.  The air time on tv, radio, and in the papers/on the web was about $10 million in free advertising for Slide Fire. 


You too can take the fight to Moms Demand, Michael Bloomberg, and all the other gun grabbers.  if you see something that isn't right in your town, or state, email us.  Send us articles about fascist tactics, about onerous gun laws, and about criminals getting got by good guys with guns.  We'll write about it here.  We'll even give you a hat tip for sending us the information!  If we all do our part, these people won't get their way, and you and I will be able to dissuade tyrants, just by the presence of our firearms.  While you are at it, check out our daily sales, most of which are named after the fascist gun grabbers themselves! You can find our sale items from the Mayor Bloomberg Monday Gun Grab, the Moms Demand Thursday Sale, The Dianne Feinstein Friday Gun Grab on our promotions page, and on our twitter and facebook pages!  


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