The UN Small Arms Treaty is the antithesis of your Second Amendment Rights.  Just ratifying this treaty is TREASON.  In fact, the ratification of this treaty would be treason on multiple levels.  First, it would give up US sovereignty to the globalists at United Nations.  Second, it would erase The Second Amendment, giving the United Nations the full authority to know every American's name/address/and location of each and every gun you and I own.


To that end, we respectfully request every one of you go online at the link provided and sign the petition to demand The US Senate not ratify this treaty.  Doing so would fly in the face of their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States of America, and would make each and every one of us unsafe, by giving a full gun registry of each/every gun in America to the United Nations.  Do not let the ultimate gun confiscation occur on your watch!  Do not allow the gun-grabbers in America to offer up our sovereignty and our God-given rights to the United Nations, who support terrorism, mysoginy, and shariah law.  By giving up our guns, we give up our ability to fend off the enemies to America, to fend off government overreach, and to fend off those who would invade our homes. 


The bad guys won't be registering their guns folks.  The UN and the gun-grabbers in America want you and I to be sitting ducks.  This treaty is the first major step to a global government, whereby you and I will be subjects of a global government, rather than American Citizens with God-given rights.  This is your only chance to save our country for generations to come.


Sign the petition here