CBS Houston has a report today about a Texas gun store who tells it like it is.  They agree with this writer 100%, that buying the votes of illegal aliens will lead to our country being over-run by candidates who fully support the theft of Second Amendment Rights we value so dearly, and which guarantee the other god-given rights in the Constitution stay in place.


The owner of Tactical Firearms in Katy, TX is our hero of the year.  This guy is speaking our language.  He knows, as do we all, that the Second Amendment will become even more necessary the more mass immigration takes place in our country.  With Jobs evaporating, expect the crime rate to skyrocket, and without guns in the home, and concealed by law abiding citizens, expect to have nary a safe place to take your family for dinner, for a day out at the zoo, or even in your own livingroom.  Therefore, the thought of registering each gun, is akin to giving the government a map to your house, just as Hitler had, to come and confiscate the last bastion of freedom you will ever have.


When the guns go, so go your rights to free speech, to your income, your home, car, and everything else you worked your whole life to earn and enjoy.  This my friends is the root of all evil.  Every tyrant in history has done it.  Don't let it happen here.  Contact anyone and everyone you can, friend, relative, neighbor and legislator.  Tell them what Jeremy Alcede, owner of Tactical Firearms in Katy, TX says.  I like my guns undocumented.  There is no reason for the government to have a list of every gun that every law abiding citizen owns legally.  For there is only one reason for such a list, and that is confiscation at gunpoint.