Red Dot Arms' hero of the week is the voting members of the Virginia General Assembly who took the side of the citizens of the Commonwealth, and The Second Amendment, and voted down Governor Terry McAuliffe's gun grabbing amendment to Virginia's standing gun law(s).  The NRA-ILA  reports on McAuliffe's failure to build his gun registry.  Our comments are below.


McAuliffe, as we reported just a few days ago, was attempting to build a registry by forcing gun sellers to maintain documentation even for people who hadn't bought guns, indefinitely, allowing the state to maintain a registry of all gun owners through their purchases, and thus gaining a confiscation list of type and location of guns.


We here at Red Dot Arms, agree with The NRA and other citizen advocates for The Second Amendment.  A gun registry, whereby the state has a list of who has what guns and where, is nothing more than a back-door confiscation list, should the political gun-grabbers choose to move to total confiscation. (something that is not out of the question with the current administration, as they write laws with a presidential pen stroke-and all future administrations will do the same, having this precedent set). 


Should your state be considering the same type of sweeping legislation to steal your Second Amendment rights, please email them to us, so that we can follow them as closely as we did the Virginia law, through the voting process in the legislature.  We will help get the word out to people, as we did with McAuliffe's scheme, and we will push the contact info for the legislators out to the voters in your area, via this blog, twitter, and facebook.


Let's all do our part to help end the gun-grabbing by the hysterical folks behind the push for confiscation, rally around all law-abiding citizen gun owners, and our greatest advocate, The NRA.  We can all do our part to help quash bills like VA's SB 377 and help keep the entire Bill of Rights intact, by maintaining a firm grip on The Second Amendment.