The 4th of July weekend prooved to be a banner 4 days for gangbangers in Chicago.  They shot each other all weekend long, killing 14 and hitting somewhere between 40 and 60, depending on which news station you watch, and whether you believe a word out of the Police Superintendent's mouth in Chicago.  They have started classifying many shootings as "violent crimes" to cover up the true amount of shootings(per The Chicago Tribune). 


Reported by Daily Caller, iIn a great twist on the usual story, a veteran in Chicago with a CCL was leaving a party with friends when there was a liquor bottle, or a "40" on his car.  When one of his party took the drink from the car, the gangbangers next door went ballistic, and one of them went inside the "crib" to get his "gat".  That's when the fun began. 


The moron came out shooting, and the veteran took cover behind the hood, popped off two in the moron's chest and put him in ICU.  One of the women with the veteran was hit by two rounds and was also hospitalized.  Moral of the story is simple: If you are going to spend a minute or longer inside Chicago city limits, come to Red Dot Arms, take the CCL classes and get licensed.  We'll set you up with a gun that suits your size, skill level, and strength.  We'll train you to handle it, and yourself in a well-thought out way and in a way that won't land you in the joint with the bad guys, in the hospital, or in civil court. 

There are thousands of reasons to carry folks.  The guy down south who murdered his estranged wife's whole family including a couple young kids, sociopathic gangbangers, psychopaths with guns who just hate the world, etc.  I could make a list for you that is a mile long.  But, you get the picture I am sure.  Its all the same.  You have a duty to self and family to be safe, and as long as the liberal judges give murderers, rapists, and home invaders the shortest possible sentences by statute, to ease prison overcrowding, and as long as more states are legalizing controlled substances, and as long as Mr. Obama is letting every MS-13 gang member into the US, you will need that gun.  You will need more than one. 

This isn't a joke.  There are bad guys everywhere.  They are around you at the grocery store, the library, and are steaming mad in that traffic jam.  One day, they just may decide to make you their victim.  Be prepared like this veteran, or pay with your life.  It's your choice to make.  What are you prepared to do? 

Come see us online at and we'll set you up immediately to protect yourself, your family, and that which you have worked so hard to earn.  Your peace of mind depends on it, so does your life!