Virginia Legislators with the help of communism for the but not for me Governor MacAuliffe, would create a defacto gun registry, making it all the easier for gun grabbing politicians to ride through the state confiscating guns.  The new law SB-377 would require gun dealers and private citizens to keep indefinitely, the consent forms filled out by buyers and sellers, rather than shred them as has been done in the past. 


The law as proposed by McAuliffe would require a 90 day period, for which dealers and sellers would be forced to maintain all consent forms, which means they would go in a file cabinet and be forgotten about.  Later down the road, when the SWAT teams sent across the countryside to confiscate guns come riding, they need only raid all the dealers' shops, take their files, and they have the names, addresses, and firearm types each purchaser has. 

The Implication is simple, its registration.  And one doesn't need to look history past about 80 years back to know how gun registration works in favor of tyrants and against citizens.  The SWAT teams in CA and on the East Coast, where registration is already in the laws, are conducting "lightning raids" under cover of darkness, and without knocking, to confiscate the guns of those on an old database(in California for example), that is often plagued with bad information. 


It is those lightning raids that are going to cause bloodshed.  When your door is kicked down in the middle of the night, and you are still groggy, having been awakened by noise, you go for your firearms.  If you don't know its the cops, you may be in for a gunfight.  They often don't properly announce themselves when they make lightning raids, and as a law abiding citizen, you would have no reason to expect one to happen at your house.  So, what do you do?  You draw down on them and that won't end well.

The gist of this is simple, your rights are being taken away, slowly but surely, by a government that has bad things in mind.  They will disarm you if given half the chance.  Retired Judge Stevens recently said the Second Amendment pertains only to state government militias.  He suggests the constitution be amended with a pen-stroke to erase your Second Amendment rights.  It is time to take action.  See the NRA-ILA site to find out how to write your representatives in State and Federal Government, or watch your rights disappear completely!



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