Dan Cannon over at Gunssavelives.net reports on it today, and CNN did yesterday: The numbers that Moms Demand Action and Mike Bloomberg's criminal RICO "everytown" put out were absolute, unequivocal fraud.  Yes, I am saying it.  And I am screaming it.  They are nothing but two-bit fraudsters, who will stop at nothing to make sure your ability to defend yourselves, family, and country, is all the way gone. 

Of course, both these subversive twits travel with heavily armed bodyguards.  Bloomberg's guys are known to rough up reporters who ask the wrong questions.  And Shannon Watts' (former mouthpiece for Monsanto-need I say more?) bodyguards roughed up conservative journalist Dana Loesch when she had the audacity to ask Watts questions in Indy, during the NRA convention there earlier this year.


Yes folks, these traitors, who are not in it for gun safety, but are direct tools of the fascists currently running our country and many of our states, are in this fight to the bitter end, to silence the right.  And they know that the only way to do so is to propagate their brand of division, and of course to disarm you and me.  Without our firearms, the government has truly unlimited powers.  As I've said here before, the people of Australia and Great Britain are sitting ducks for criminals to pick off at will-and they do!  The bad guys in Oz have been undertaking a reign of terror since Oz had their forced buy-back.  In fact, every type of violent crime is up there since guns were forcibly taken from citizens.  And in the UK, you can now go to prison for thought or speech crimes, as the public no longer possess the great equalizer-personal firearm ownership.


So, here we are, fighting the good fightt against these subversivs, and Shannon Watts and her merry band of theives put out a report claiming 74 school shootings since Newtown.   You know my position on Newtown.  A gun free zone isn't a gun free zone, but is a kill box for the bad guys-and a bad guy who wants to commit an act of carnage will go to a gun free zone, as he isn't going to meet any armed resistance.  So, calling a school a gun free zone is a joke.  It's a kill box-plain and simple-but I digress.  The fact is, CNN, yes, CNN reported yesterday that 80% or more of those statistical "school shootings" were in fact not shootings in or on the grounds of schools.  You can read the breakdown of the height of the lies here and here.   In the end, Watts and company are frauds.  They are liars.  Watts spent her earlier career as a PR person for Monsanto-the company responsible for 60 years of chemtrails(Edward Snowden released records of this partnership w/your federal government going back to 1955), for "roundup" which is said to be the cause of our radical cancer epidemic, and is found in about 90% of the plant matter in America used for consumption, and of course GMO grains and plants which are now so pervasive, nearly 80% of all crops in America are cross-contaminated with GMO(accident-I think not). 


These are the types of people who are here to destroy your country.  They share the same desire as POTUS, to "fundamentally transform America".  Ponder that.  Fundamentally transform means to change your country from its very core.  The fundamentals of America are the bill of rights-one of which is The Second Amendment.  And the fact is, more people are poisoned each year than killed by guns.  More people are killed by drunk illegal aliens every month than are killed by rifles each year.  More people are killed by hospital mal-practice than are killed by guns.  Yes, folks, these people have to lie, because they have no real argument.  The only argument is to have a country who are accutely aware of their family and friends, and when one is a whack job, or talks like these selazebag cop-killers in Vegas, they turn them in!  Turn in that cousin you have who hears voices and owns guns.  Its your duty.  We long ago turned a blind eye to the level of mental illness in America.  That is our problem.  Not guns.  A gun in the hands of you or me, is a safe gun.  A gun in the hands of an untrained, unhinged leftist is often used for mass killings.  The kid in Tucson, at VA Tech, in Aurora, in Newtown-all leftists-all on the side of gun-grabbers.  All lunatics, who somehow fell through the cracks.  The kid in Santa Barbara was visited by cops 3 times and deemed sane.  I am sorry, but just looking at him I could tell there were broken marbles in there and the rest had fallen out of his ears. 

Folks, fight these gun grabbers.  Fight back in the social media.  Fight with your votes.  Call them out, just as I do here.  Share storeis of 2A saves, as we do here.  Your lives depend on it.  In the UK you can go to jail for burning a Koran.  You can lose your hotel if you refuse to serve gays.  These are speech and thought crimes.  They are coming to America if you don't stand up and fight these people where it starts-with their lies, deceit, and fraud.  Have at it-spread this info around to everyone you know.  Your kids and their kids are depending on you!  Yours and my rights are eroding daily.   Its time to stop it.  November approaches.  If your candidate doesn't support your rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, don't vote for them!   I won't.