There is no greater example of how not to exercise your 2A rights, than the George Zimmerman case.  While I fully support his use of force, given my understanding of the case, Martin’s disposition as denoted in the evidence that made it out to the public, and Martin’s background of law breaking, I still wonder why Zimmerman put himself in such a position.


So, let’s use this case as a simple teaching opportunity.  When you go through a CCW course, or even the most basic NRA handgun course, the first thing you learn is how not to put yourself in situations that call for firearms use.  It’s simple; you don’t go out looking for trouble.  You and I can argue the legal case for the next thousand years, but in the end, the root question is how does one get in a situation like the one Zimmerman was in. 


The short answer is, if you are armed and alone, you assume that anywhere you go is potentially a dangerous one.  So, you don’t lurk around in the dark, you don’t follow people (because they may be armed too) and you don’t confront anyone.  This means you don’t yell at other drivers, you don’t ask someone what they are doing in your neighborhood, you do nothing that would potentially be seen by another person as aggressive.  You know you are safe, as you are carrying, so why push a situation to a point that may call for you defending yourself? 


One of the biggest issues with people when they first get their permit is what we sometimes refer to as hero syndrome or going cowboy.  You feel invincible because you have your Glock under your shirt.  You think that you are suddenly deputized by your local PD to stop crime.  The fact is, you are nothing of the sort.  Having a gun doesn’t make you bulletproof.  And any cop will tell you, you mind your own business and if you see a crime being committed, you call them.  It’s simple and you’ve been taught this lesson since you were seven years old:  “he who turns and runs away, lives to fight another day”.  There is no shame in minding your own business. 


Of course, this isn’t to say that you avoid your responsibility if there is an imminent danger to yourself or those around you.  If there is a gunman and he’s about to kill someone, and you have a safe shot, well, that’s one of those situations you never want to be in, but it happens.  And we often blog here at Red Dot Arms about real events where that is the case, and where a CCW holder has “saved the day”.  But those incidents are few and far between.  And frankly, I’ve been around guns my whole life and I pray every day I will not be put in that position that day.  Of course, with training and lots of it, I know what my reactions would be, how I would handle myself, and I know what I am capable of.  I train and train again for that type of situation, not because I want it to happen, but so that if it does, I won’t hurt bystanders, won’t hurt myself, and by the grace of god, won’t have to use my weapon.


All of this leads me to the news today that the six jurors in the George Zimmerman case have just been exposed, thanks to the sleaze at The Orlando Sentinel.  This paper is all for gun confiscation, and it would appear by their unyielding demands for the identities of the jurors, they don’t have a problem getting innocent people killed.  And therein lies the rub.  If you use your weapon, it better damn well be for all the right reasons, because there are ramifications for your actions.  There are negative outcomes for someone in every situation.  In this case, Zimmerman’s life was ruined because he put himself in a place he shouldn’t have been.  Martin’s life was taken because he chose to attack someone he didn’t know was legally armed, and willing to take another life to save his own.  The families of both men are destroyed.  And now the jurors who adjudicated a case based on the evidence presented and the law governing such a case in the State of Florida.  For the crime of doing their civic duty and showing up for jury duty, they will now have to live with the same death threats the Zimmermans have had to live with for nearly two years.  If you think the Al Sharptons and Piers Morgans of the world aren’t going to hound those jurors to the end of the earth for doing their civic duty and finding a man innocent after the state failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was guilty. 

When you use your gun, you may be hurting a lot of innocent people.  So don’t put yourself in a position where you are forced to use it.  Put yourself in situations where there is never a reason to use your gun and you will not ruin yours, or someone else’s life. 


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