Red Dot’s Weekly Roundup Citizens Using The 2nd Amendment To Protect Themselves And Others


Red Dot Arms is committed to providing our customers and community with the latest news on Second Amendment issues, infringement, and protection, along with a weekly roundup of legitimate stories of fellow citizens protecting themselves and others, using training provided by our colleagues across the country, who hold the Second Amendment dear, and who believe an armed citizen is a responsible citizen.  This will be our inaugural edition-and is not all inclusive of all stories available.  We will cherry pick the ones that really hit home, and leave the rest to our readers.  We’ll also post links in the near future to our favorite blogs, which follow the same type of news and information, so that you can obtain the same training we offer, if you don’t live close enough to train with us.  Remember, you can always purchase all your gear from Red Dot Arms, as we will ship firearms to a FFL holder close to you, so that you can take advantage of our pricing, and pick up your firearm close to home.  The gear that doesn’t require delivery to a FFL holder will be shipped directly to you.  Welcome to the Red Dot Family!


We’ll start this week’s feature with a story that is all too close to home-St. Charles, IL, just down I-90

from Red Dot Arms, for what was almost a grave tragedy: Intruder Shot By Homeowner Charged

I’ll bet she’s glad this person has the same work schedule as she does!  Also bet she’s already signed up for a CCW Class!  Frisco Woman Saved By Concealed Licensee 

Now, why would the police chief in a 74 year liberal controlled city say this?  Because it’s true.  Every day in this country, at least a couple of times, a citizen is saved and a crime is deterred or ended in progress, by licensed/legally carrying citizen.  Detroit Police Chief:  Armed Citizens Deter Crime

There’s an old saying, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”-which rings very true for this pizza guy in Michigan:   Would Be victim delivering pizza thwarts would-be robbery with her concealed weapon

A month of stories that will chill you to the bone-a month of stories that would be far different, were it not for legally possessed firearms, in the hands of trained, experienced, law-abiding owners:

30 Days of Guns Saving Lives: A collection of true stories of self-defense compiled by the journalists at

Intruder Shot During Break-in Attempt:  Intruder calls 911 on himself, rather than to be finished off!


Baristas to begin packing guns-Trio of robberies has Jitterz Java employees ready to start carrying guns    Spokane Coffee Shop Arms Coffee Jockeys