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FFL Transfer and locator

Red Dot Arms is happy to assist with your FFL transfer needs. 

Please read the following policies carefully before purchasing a firearm for transfer:

Transfer Fees Price
Transfer from another FFL to Red Dot Arms $25.00
Transfer from Red Dot Arms to another FFL dealer.
(plus shipping and insurance)

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How to Initiate a Firearm Transfer


Purchase a gun from seller (ie., online dealer or gun broker)


Come to Red Dot Arms (RDA) store in Lake Villa, IL, complete transfer paperwork, and pay fee.


Provide RDA with your contact information.


Provide Seller's contact information


Have Seller contact RDA to initiate transfer


Provide a Description of the Firearm including the Model and Manufacturer


All Illinois residents must present their valid F.O.I.D. card as well as another State issued ID.


Note: We do NOT provide copies of our FFL license to the customer.


What happens after I Submit the FFL Transfer Request form?


Your Seller will provide us a copy of their FFL


Your Seller will ship the firearm to RDA


RDA completes the background check as required by Illinois State Law.


Once the paperwork is completed, the minimum waiting time to pick up firearm is 24 hours for a long gun and 72 hours for a handgun.

Note: If you are arranging to purchase a firearm from an individual for a transfer to you, please have the seller email or Fax us a copy of thier Driver's License, State Id Card, or US Military ID.

For any questions, please contact us at (847) 603-1548 or email us at ffl@rdarms.com

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